Fun facts for the dangang rompers negatively freaking out over the translation archive:

  • It’s not a “rip” of the translation, it’s literally just the html files of orenronen’s posts, there’s literally no difference in reading the html files or reading it when the paywall is down it looks exactly the same it is literally the html files nobody fucking stole his translation
  • If you read Dangan Ronpa offline through this archive, that means you won’t be using up Somethingawful’s precious bandwidth, so the argument of “if you don’t read it on the site somethingawful will shut down” makes zero sense.  Reading it through the archive is actually beneficial to somethingawful if you don’t plan on getting an account.
  • Honestly SA should be happy that there’s an option to read dangan ronpa offline now so all the dangle rampagers who don’t have accounts stop using up all their very expensive bandwidth.
  • If you honestly think someone should pay $10 to join a forum in order to read one (or two if you count sdr2) threads, i don’t even know what to say to you.
  • Considering this archive means I can finish reading doodle robot tonight, you will not convince me that the translation archive is somehow wrong.
  • In fact, if you try to angrily argue with me about this I will only respond with creative misspellings of dangit ronpaul
  • I have a lot of them
  • Dogfish Rapping
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